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Media Release

The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG)

Calls for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons



Utrecht, May 3-th, 2010


Today at the start of the NPT-review conference the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) called for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The KNMG is the professional organization for physicians of The Netherlands.


Chairman Prof. Dr. Arie Nieuwenhuijsen Kruseman of the KNMG stated:

 "We consider it a duty to work towards the elimination of nuclear weapons which are a worldwide threat to public health

1) By condemning the development, testing, production, deployment, threat, and use of nuclear weapons;

2) By requesting that governments refrain from all these activities and work in good faith for their elimination;

3) By calling for commencement of negotiations for a nuclear weapons convention similar to those for biological and chemical weapons."

De NVMP, the Dutch Medical Association for Peace research (Dutch affiliate of IPPNW), is pleased that after the British Medical Association (BMA), the KNMG had made such a clear statement on nuclear weapons.


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